Newton Table Lamp

Lamp Color
Bulb Color

Magnetically suspended light and wireless charging in a compact design, all while providing a modern aesthetic to your space. Coming in multiple styles, you can pick the one just right for you; mix and match a black or silver base and a warm or multicolor bulb.

The Newton Lamp relieves the struggle of having a room that's just too dark, alongside not having to plug your phone in and out of its charger.

  • Bulb protection in case of a power-off
  • Full-spectrum RGB light
  • Fast wireless charging

Did we mention it's easy to use? Simply plug in the base and locate your bulb. Once in hand, turn the base on and hold the bulb underneath the suspension device. Now your light and wireless charging are in full effect!

  • Rated power: 2-5W
  • Power input: AC100-240V
  • Wireless charging output: 5V, 1A 
  • Transmission distance: 4~6mm
  • Size: 15 x 38cm / 5.9" x 14.9"
  • Weight: 0.6kg