Benjoy Sport Mask


The face of the world is changing literally and we must wear a face mask outside. This new reality comes with new challenges, including how we see ourselves with a face mask. Benjoy Sport Maskask is a fashionable face cover which not only covers your nose and mouth but also meets your personal style.

  • Healthy breathing: Filters isolate 97-percent of dust, chemicals, particulates, gas, pollen, smoke, and fumes.
  • 4 Layers: Each face mask respirator is crafted with 5 layers of support that contains activated carbon, melt-blown cotton, and non-woven fabric.
  • Perfect face design: Protective surface as the face size. The section of the nose has a sheet fixed to prevent sliding, The mask can be further adjusted by hand to fit the unique features of your face.
  • Adjustable face straps: Vapor respirator mask helps protect men, women, and children of all ages. Excellent in windproof and dustproof performance, typically good for buyers who like cycling, running, or doing other outdoor activities in autumn, winter and spring.
  • Reusable and Ecofriendly: package includes 1 x Mask, 3 x Filter cotton.
  • The mask is washable, reusable. For the Filter cotton, If you use more than 3 hours each day, please change it once a week.