Strix Clock


This quiet and stylish unusual piece of Strix wall clock is meant for the creative and inspired. It precisely tells the time while the hands flow continuously without making a sound. But if you’re that one friend who says “I’ll be there around 7” and then shows up around 9, well… we can’t help it.
  • Measures 30cm (12”) in diameter
  • Handmade from first quality European linden wood
  • Stained and finished with a long-life satin varnish that enhances the fine light grain of the wood
  • Uses quartz mechanism with the continuous silent movement of the hands (no ticking sound)
  • Accurate to within 3 minutes over one year
  • Provides easy to mount hanger (with a displaced center of gravity)
  • Operates with a standard 1.5V AA battery (changed once a year)