Piecemeal Clock


Neat and sweet components here. It precisely tells the time while the hands flow continuously without making a sound. If you’re that one friend who says “I’ll be there around 7” and then shows up around 9, well… we can’t help it.
  • Measures 30cm (12”) in diameter with 1cm (0.4") thick face
  • Handmade from first quality linden wood
  • stained and finished with a long-life satin varnish that enhances the fine light grain of the wood
  • Firm and lightweight cross-glued face with aluminum dials
  • Uses quartz mechanism with the continuous silent movement of the hands (no ticking sound)
  • Accurate to within 3 minutes over one year
  • Provides easy to mount hanger (with a displaced center of gravity)
  • Operates with a standard 1.5V AA battery (changed once a year)